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Matangi / Maya / M.I.A.

650 HUF
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Drawn from a cache of personal video recordings spanning 22 years, the film chronicles a critically-acclaimed artist’s journey from refugee to pop star. As the daughter of the founder of Sri Lanka’s armed Tamil resistance, Matangi Arulpragasam had to hide from the government during a bloody civil war. When her family fled to the UK, she became a precocious and creative immigrant teen. Finally, she emerged on the global stage as M.I.A., having created a mashup, cut-and-paste identity that pulled from every corner of her journey along the way; a sonic sketchbook that blended Tamil politics, art-school punk, hip-hop beats and the unwavering, ultra-confident voice of a burgeoning multicultural youth.

2018 – Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, USA

Director: Steve Loveridge

Producer: Lori Cheatle, Andrew Goldman, Paul Mezey
Co-producer: Joshua Rappaport
Editor: Marina Katz, Gabriel Rhodes
Cameraman: Steve Loveridge
Music: Tracy McKnight
Producer: Cinereach

Distributer: Dogwoof, Ana Vicente, ana@dogwoof.com, 19-23 Ironmonger Row, London, EC1V 3QN, UK +442072536244, www.dogwoof.com

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