Farkas D. Gergő

Deep Fake

3600 HUF
2700 HUF - student, teacher, retired
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Deep Fake is a choreographic space that exists in both our authentic and virtual realities. This space is inhabited by objects, humans, sounds and dances working with the concept of simulation. By approaching the body as an apparatus driven by impulses and emotions, Deep Fake investigates the collapsing borders between the living and the inorganic, the material and the immeaterial, with the structures that secretly (re)produce these binaries.

Shifting between extremes such as the role of a host or an absent body, the performer is accompanied by composer Márton Csernovszky’s sweet yet eerie, sensitive yet expansive music, and by a tender object called Grid.

Deep Fake challenges the monocracy of the solo format by gently directing the spectator’s attention to the decentralised performance of sound, light, and object, turning the space into a living and breathing entity. While dreaming about new possibilities of coexistence, Deep Fake is driven by the question: how can we allow the human gaze to become a little bit less anthropocentric?

Gergo D. Farkas (1996, they/them) is interested in choreographing spaces where humans, non-humans, material and immaterial are equally super welcome to dance. Their latest piece Deep Fake is currently on tour as a work of the international choreographic platform Aerowaves’s Twenty22 selection.


Choreography & performance: Gergo D. Farkas
Assistance and art direction: Endre Cserna
Music: Márton Csernovszky
Lights: Kata Dézsi
Advice: Imre Vass
Video: Gergely Ofner
Web design: Dániel Kophelyi
Financial management: Sín Arts Centre
Thanks to: Sín Arts Centre, Workshop Foundation, Aerowaves Europe
Premier: art quarter budapest

The National Cultural Fund’s of Hungary’s “Imre Zoltán Program”, art quarter budapest

Deep Fake art quarter budapest
Deep Fake Imre Zoltán Program
Deep Fake NKA - Nemzeti Kulturális Alap
Deep Fake SÍN Művészeti Központ
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