Marcio Kerber Canabarro (BR) - Csaba Molnár - Zsófia Tamara Vadas – Imre Vass


1998 HUF / 1600 HUF
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untouched, expedition, closeness

DEEPER is about constant movement, sinking into the understanding and experiencing the other.  There is no end to this exploration, it is an inexhaustible process.

Dancers-choreographers Marcio Kerber Canabarro, Csaba Molnár, Zsófia Tamara Vadas and Imre Vass know each other for a long time but this will be their first collective work. DEEPER explores interaction through the sense of touch.
Layer to layer, skin to skin, leather to leather, human to human, couple to couple; as a group they investigate the nature of proximity of social, physical, emotional bodies. How can one touch without touching? How can one be close without being too close? How can one be in a relationship that is trusting and intimate, but which provides enough space to maintain the freedom of interaction?
Touch has its own language, it demands our time, and it doesn’t give in easily.  It teaches us how to go deeper into the object of exploration, free from the domination of thought and sight. It is direct and specific, but caring and tender. Touch transcends physical layers, it is a passage into the unknown, into the unspeakable.

Makers and performers: Marcio Kerber Canabarro, Csaba Molnár, Zsófia Tamara Vadas , Imre Vass
Music: Bálint Szabó
Set and Costume: Márton Emil Tóth, Marcio Kerber Canabarro, Csaba Molnár, Zsófia Tamara Vadas, Imre Vass
Light: Kata Dézsi
Co-producer: Katlan Csoport
Supprters: NKA, Emmi, Sín Culture Centre, Workshop Foundation, Art Quarter Budapest, Új előadóművészeti Alapítvány
Co-production partner: Trafó House of Contemporary Arts
Special thanks: Judit Hatfaludi, Márton Emil Tóth, Venilda Kerber Canabarro

EMMI, NKA, Art Quarter Budapest, Műhely Alapítvány, Sín Kulturális Központ, Új Előadóművészeti Alapítvány

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