Data Vibes // The Observer Effect II.

Free admission. Registration:
Free admission. Registration:
Data Vibes - The Observer Effect II. brings the flow of the photographic data to the realm of the auditory and tactile senses as participants are invited to manipulate their portrait in real time and observe the creations throughout the exhibition room.
A remarkable phenomenon of the modern world is exhibited in our advancement of telecommunications, where data and images are transmitted in boundless mass throughout the world. The knowledge of how these seemingly invisible channels function falls into the hands of experts, but remain an enigma to the majority who use them.

Zoltán Kovács architect and intermedia artist often draws on analogue and digital media, physics and music for his artistic inspiration. Most of his projects build on equally engaging with human perception and computer science for an artistic effect. He is also currently teaching a university course on the ways of applying computer science in art.
Matyas Csiszár is a creative technologist and new media artist. Researching unique imaging and image-display systems, his publications and installations focus on understanding everyday objects sustaining our day-to-day existence. He is one of the founders of a low-tech innovation workshop and think-tank called MeetLab, specializing in creative experiments with materials, prints and light.

Concept: KOVÁCS Zoltán, CSISZÁR Mátyás
Special thanks: TÓTH Bálint, TAKÁCS Benedek
Supported by: Collegium Hungaricum Berlin / Montag Modus
Cooperation partners: Sennheiser, MeetLab, Let it Be! art agency
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