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Basse danse is a dance card, a strict schedule of music and movements.
Basse danse is a space in between - in between theatre and an abandoned place.
Basse danse is that very fraction of time in which you allow yourself to shift from one reality to the other. In between freedom and constraint, superfluity and necessity, fiction and truth, in between peacefulness and restlessness, the emotional and the reserved.
Basse danse portrays constant changes destined to always stay the same. A shifted harmony, lightning with almost no thunder, a place of opposition where noise goes arm in arm together with the glory of renaissance music.
Basse danse is a dance piece beyond conceptualism and the post modern.
Basse danse is merely a dance card with a strict schedule of music and movements.

Choreography: HÓD Adrienn
Live music, vocal: MIZSEI Zoltán
Dancers: CUHORKA Emese, GARAI Júlia, MOLNÁR Csaba, Marco TORRICE
Dramaturge: VÉGH Ildikó
Design: SEBŐ Rózsa
Costume: IMRE Katalin - ARTISTA

Co-producer: Grand Theatre Grøningen

Special thanks: HADI Júlia, CZIRÁK Ádám, JUHÁSZ András, Susanne MARTIN, PÁVAI Csanád, PÉTER Petra, SZÉKELY-SZABÓ Ármin

With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union.


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