Jelena Viskovic (HR/HU) – Yin Aiwen (NL/CN)

ReUnion - Reimagine Family and Marriage

A workshop regisztrációhoz kötött.
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family, relatives, feelings

Is the nuclear-family-oriented marriage institution sustainable? Can we imagine a more suitable social infrastructure for our contemporary lives? Can new technologies such as Blockchain play a role in it? Based on the idea of alternatives, artists Yin Aiwen and Jelena Viskovic developed ReUnion.

We live in the age of political turmoil, where new types of organisations have to be coupled with new technologies to enable strong grassroots organisations. Besides the emotional and cultural aspects of family and marriage, these institutions are also legal instruments. Authorised by religions and governments, they are the social frameworks that presuppose the way we organize our lives and relationships with others.

The event will be interactive presentation of ReUnion, an idea about reimagining family, marriage and care labour in the age of late capitalism. The workshop will present a proposal for a decentralised social network, which focuses on kinship communities instead of individuals. The participants are invited to join a thought experiment about what is possible outside of the marriage institution, and practice the future of care. The audience can participate in a social organisation prototyping workshop, play with an iOS application, comment on it and have a discussion about what are the potential social scenarios, benefits and pitfalls of this utopian idea.

Project by: Yin AIWEN & Jelena VISKOVIC
Curated by: Szilvi NÉMET
Application development: Rites Network

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