Árpád Schilling: ‘The day of fury’

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If the number 1 rule of the state built on free market is that everybody fights for themselves, then who will protect those who fall in this battle?
At the beginning of 2015 an unknown Hungarian nurse became the first to talk in public with ruthless honesty about the unprofessional, inhumane circumstances in Hungarian hospitals. The woman dressed in black, and called for all nurses to join her on the streets. This outspoken nurse was the inspiration for ‘The day of fury’, although the characters portrayed are in no way connected to people in the nurse’s real life.

The play is a tragi-comedy about infinitely vulnerable people. People who do everything to take control of their destinies, but who always fail, either due to external circumstances (economic or political changes, well-meaning people who do not keep their promises), or personal shortcomings (lack of experience or knowledge). Abandoned citizens who desperately wander around in a maze of social and private life, until they lose their sanity and turn on their family.
In the nurse’s family we can realize the distinctive features of three generations. A catholic mother who was socialized in a different system; an old woman who always knows things better than her daughter without realizing that her experiences are not valid any more in the current world. A teenager hell-bent on advertizing a survivor’s approach, the nurse’s daughter who thinks nothing matters any more as we have to fight tooth and nail for life while we should not trust anyone or anything. Our main character, the little man who constantly struggles with the challenges of the new era, who tries to trust her fellow citizens but eventually is always left alone. During the story the well-known characters of our time show up, the modern history of Europe’s marginalized side comes to life.

 Director: Árpád Schilling
 Performers: Lilla Sárosdi, Annamária Láng, Roland Rába, Judit Meszléry, Milla Kata Kovács
Script: Éva Zabezsinszkij, Árpád Schilling and the performers
Music: Krisztián Vranik
Lyrics: Péter Závada
Costume design: Borbála Keszei
Technical Director: András Éltető
Sound: András Bartha
Assistant: Julcsi Szabó
Production Manager: Edina Schőn
Producer: Potyondi Linda
Co-produced by Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens, Krétakör Foundation

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