Kornél Mundruczó / Proton Theatre: The Frankenstein-project

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In Hungarian

“Frankenstein-project is a visually repulsive performance. It’s aesthetic strength lies in the way the Hungarian actors are capable of masterfully manipulating the audience. Initially, they create the illusion that they’re equal partners in the project and that they can influence the events at any moment. What are we really dealing with? A reality show? An installation? The answer is that it’s a fictitious story, a seemingly everyday social drama that suddenly turns into a bloody crime story – one that is terrifying, yet not shocking. Why? Because in Lithuanian everyday life is just like that, and probably Hungary is not the Paradise itself...” (Menų faktūra – Lithuania)
Spolarics Andrea, Rába Roland, Tóth Orsi, Derzsi János, Terhes Sándor, Stork Natasa, Orth Péter, Kiss Ágota
Set, costumes: Ágh Márton
Dramaturgy: Petrányi Viktória
Light: Rigó Zoltán
Sound, video: Belényesi Zoltán
Props: Nagy Gergely
Production manager: Büki Dóra
Assistant to director: Csató Zsófia

Directed by: Mundruczó Kornél


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