Sound installation concert-theater from Switzerland

Sound installation concert-theater from Switzerland

MYOUSIC arrives to Trafó with the internationally recognized Swiss musician and director, Dimitri de Perrot in collaboration with the jazz drummer of distinction, Julian Sartorius on the 11th and 12th of October. This special show as a mixture of several artistic genres researches to narrative power of sound, while focusing on presence and sensual perception. It widens the moment of when we are left alone with our thoughts in the excited anticipations silence after the lights go off before the show. 

In the precisely composed world of MYOUSIC anything can happen, the illusion is perfect. We take our places in a space of sound installation where all kinds of noises, thrills, sounds and rhythms are significant, but we can not be sure about what is previously recorded and what is live. All parts of the space come to play and our attention activates differently by the uptight awaiting. We unconsciously get involved in the narrative which we “write”, by the sounds in the nature of a radio play and lights showing off in the dark.

Photo: Augustin Rebetez
The well-built mini concert of Julian Sartorius is not only unexpected because of its embedment in the theater, but on its own right. The drummer performs the thundering solo dominated by groove and jazz components on a drum set supplemented with everyday objects and electrical tools. 

Drummer, percussionist and artist Julian Sartorius forms sounds into previously unseen shapes. His precise and multi-layered rhythmical patterns are keen excursions into the hidden tones of found objects and prepared instruments, bridging the gap between organic timbres and the vocabulary of (experimental) electronic music. Trained at the Jazz schools in Berne and Lucerne he soon developed a singular musical approach. Being interested in fine-scaled variations, tension and release, mass and vibrancy, he creates projects like the 12-LP-box set Beat Diary, consisting of 365 beat tracks and an accompanying photo book; the daily 8-seconds loop series Morphblog or Depot, an audiovisual installation in Kunstmuseum Thun. For his last album Hidden Tracks: Basel – Genève he hiked over 200 km with his drum sticks and recording equipment, playing and recording a multitude of sounds and textures on objects found on the journey. In recent years he has collaborated with numerous musicians including Sophie Hunger, Sylvie Courvoisier, Gyda Valtysdottir, Dimlite, Shahzad Ismaily and Dan Carey. His distinct percussion work is featured on the current albums of Kate Tempest, Matthew Herbert and James Zoo.  The musician, who is known mainly in jazz circles, performed with Colin Vallon's trio at the Opus Jazz Club at the 2015 Budapest Spring Festival.

Dimitri de Perrot, Swiss artist, musician and director can be familiar to the Hungarian audience. With his friends Martin Zimmermann and Gregor Meztger they have already brought three contemporary circus shows to Trafó: Gopf (2003), 2005 Hoi (2005), Gaff Aff (2009). He is the professor of the Art University of Zurich since 2014.  In his oeuvre and overall art he concentrates on the study of narrative structures by sounds. He has taken part in several interdisciplinar theatrical and musical projects. He has schemed scenery for theater and film productions and creates theatrical sculptures, concepts, sound-space-light-scenery installations in his newest works in cooperation with festivals, museums. The world touring MYOUSIC - born in 2016 - is his first independent show. It toured around the Swiss, German, Dutch and French  festivals, and travelled to Rome, London, Ljubljana, Israel, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

The reunion and reversion of the two artists to Budapest offers a special experience at Trafó on the 11. and 12. of October.

The article was written based on the show performed at Mladi Levi Festival in Ljubljana.
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