Haibo Illés and Richárd Melykó: Binary Roadway

Haibo Illés and Richárd Melykó have been collaborating in various performative genres since several years. Their works are often site-specific, responding to the given space and often experimenting with the temporal extension of performance. Their new work created for the exhibition I hold the table with my hands instead of the broken legs is also a durational piece that will be on view in the gallery space on 25 November from 4pm to 7pm continuously. Illés and Melykó explore issues and notions raised by the exhibition concerning caring and listening to each other through concepts such as patience, repetition, monotony, slowness, persistence and the changing of the body. Their installation of patience interweaves the exhibition, the space, the viewer and will manifest itself in different ways without a beginning or an end, in a fragmentary nature. 
"Binary Roadway": this is the nature of Haibo Illés’s and Richárd Melykó's patience, which is played out at the intersection of the body and the space, in the grooves of the fabric. During the opening hours of the gallery, they will highlight the concept of ageing through a set of repetitions, while using their bodies to expose the wrinkles of their personal patience.
‘As we began to trace the vicissitudes of our patience, we encountered our own physical jolts. For both of us, to varying degrees, but there always comes a point where our endurance ceases. Then we restart again, only to encounter another tolerance band.

Our perceptions of this process are broken down to the surface of our skin and composed binarily into an ageing installation. In it, we repeat each other's states with our bodies' varying patience. In our performance-installation, we search for the existence of a tolerance band that comes to an end at the same point for both of us.

(Haibo Illés and Richárd Melykó)
Haibo Illés (1998) is a scenic designer while Richárd Melykó (1994) graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in Intermedia. They have been working together as a performance duo since 2020. In 2021 they participated in the III. International Forum of Performance Art in Greece, the same year they presented their audio drama Lasting Love Community at Tilos Radio. They held their first solo exhibition focusing on hydrofeminism entitled Co-Zero in PINCE Gallery, Budapest. In 2021, they won the FUGA Post-Stadium-Stage Ideas Competition. In 2022, they created their piece entitled Dramatic Highlights in the frameworks of the international collaboration Liberty. Their most recent solo performance exhibition Out of Twister was on view at RE-SET art space, Budapest. Haibo Illés is currently studying animation at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest, and Richárd Melykó has continued his studies at Freeszfe Association for Theatre and Performance.

The lecture is part of the event series entitled Support Structures curated by Flóra Gadó and Judit Szalipszki related to the first two, thematically interrelated exhibitions of the 2022/23 season exploring strategies and coping mechanisms associated with different forms of care. Ranging from self-care to collective healing processes, the series not only reflects on the paradigm shift in the fields of illness, healing and care, which has become even more relevant since the Covid19 pandemic, but also seeks to present possible alternatives to alleviate the crisis.
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image: Haibo Illés and Richárd Melykó: bridges, 2021 (video performance still)
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