Hangover Reading Club #6

Trafó Gallery's lazy Saturday morning reading group explores fresh theoretical approaches and critical perspectives that provide insight into larger-than-human worlds and belief systems that flow beyond solidified patterns of thinking and doing. The textual gatherings, led by invited curators, artists or theoreticians, often in conjunction with the exhibitions and events at Trafó Gallery, include discussions on posthuman theories, ecofeminism, queer ecologies, hydrofeminism, speculative realism, object-oriented ontology among other issues.

The next session of the reading group will take place from 11.30 am on 15 February 2020 and will be led by Dominika Trapp and Sarolta Kremmer. The text read in the frameworks of Hangover Reading Club are in English and Hungarian, while the discussions are in Hungarian. We send the texts of each session beforehand via email for those who are interested. Thinking of heavy sleepers, nighthawks and of those who prefer to do the groceries early in the morning, the sessions begin at 11:30 am. Although the different reading sessions of Hangover Reading Club are related, it is not necessary to attend all sessions, the events are drop-in. Hangover Reading Club is free, all are welcome! For the themes and dates of past and future sessions of Hangover Reading Club, follow this link.

Making kin not population

The next edition of Hangover Reading Club accompanying Dominika Trapp's solo exhibition 'Don't lay him on me...' raises the question of having children in an age of ecological crisis. The texts discussed at the event will address the ethical dimension of childbearing, possible ways of extending reproductive justice - even across species, and alternative strategies of family formation. Similarly to the recent reading club session, the peculiarities of peasant communities' responses to natural and social challenges will also be the subject of speculative scrutiny this time.

Dominika Trapp's solo exhibition entitled 'Don't lay him on me...' is on view at Trafó Gallery between 18th January and 1st March 2020. In her recent practice, Dominika focuses on and stretches the boundaries defined by folk culture. Looking behind the ideals conveyed by folk music and folk dance, as well as behind the discursive, symbolic and somatically engrained elements of rural culture, the exhibition attempts to reread these communal norms from a present perspective.  Sarolta Kremmer is a sociologist and she is currently enrolled in the Midwifery Programme of Semmelweis University.

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