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Gondolat Generátor, the theatre pedagogy department of Trafó House of Contemporary Arts announces a call for applications called STREET STORIES for the play Kereki by Manna.
Do you have any big community events like street parties, concerts, construction, or pipe breaking? Do you know all the dogs in the area by name, and have you already given a name to stray cats? Is there anyone in the neighborhood you “can tell about”? Have you ever wondered who lives behind the other windows?
Get inspired by the questions above and / or the performance itself, then send a tale or comic book written by you, in which the stories of your living environment appear!
Who can apply?
Anyone regardless of age or pre-qualifications, who has an own or heard, strange or ordinary, magical or instructive story to share about their neighbourhood. With what? With a tale of up to 6,000 characters, written individually or in a group, or with a comic strip of up to 16 images (in A5 size, up to 4 pages/page) on the above issues. How? Send us an e-mail to with the creations and use the subject ‘Street Stories’. When? Until the 31st of December 2021! After that a jury consisting of professionals from varying fields will evaluate the artworks. Why? Because the winning entries will be presented at Trafó, as well as appearing on Trafó's various channels. The creators will be enriched with Trafó tickets, and the top three will also gain additional experiences!

Announcement of the results will take place on 18:00 21st of January!

Zoltán Ásmány - graphic, animator Georgita Máté Dezső - actor, director Gimesi Dóra - dramaturgist, director, writer

Will you be there?

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