UH Fest

Naaljos Lom (NO) / Kamon Kardamom (HU) / Gaute Granli (NO)

3000 Ft 
in advanced booking: 2500 HUF 
(the first 100 tickets)
UH Fest Pass is acccepted

Accompanying program

Trafó Klub  / 23h

Finlay Shakespeare (UK)
Roh Yugen x Nemerov (HU)
Mystic Voip & DJ Köd (HU)

Entrance fee: 2000 Ft, only on the spot! 
The event can only be attended with an Immunity Certificate card.

New interpretations of traditional Norwegian microtonal dance music or just a "proper acid folk" project of Anders Hana and Morten Joh, cult figures of Stavanger underground. In Naaljos Ljom Hana uses a modified electric guitar with microfrets, langeleik (zither-like instrument) made by Røine/Husemoen with adjustable frets and Scandinavian style mouth harps. Joh tunes different anologue synths using MIDI pitchbend to CV and a computer, a keyboard and a Trautonium Manual / Ribbon Controller.

Kamon Kardamom is the electro-acoustic improvisation trio of Bálint Bolcsó, Orsolya Kaincz and Máté Labus, three key young figures of the new experimental music scenes of Pécs and Budapest.

Gaute Granli is the Norwegian wunderking of demented psychedelic song (de)structure. One man band of folk music you think you know from somewhere, vocals that don't sound like they consist of words one knows, and pop parts that are stripped by a psychedelic gnome messing with loop pedals.

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