Fusio Group 30 concert

2800 HUF 
in advance: 2200 HUF 
(only 100 tickets are available in advance)
Trafo passes are accepted

The legendary jazz-fusion band Fusio Group celebrates their 30th birthday at Trafó this year.

This concert also marks the release of their new jubilee album entitled XXX. The album will come out on the same day as the gig, and will be available at the venue in physical CD format.

Fusio Group was formed in 1992, and they've released seven albums so far. The band won the EMERTON Award in 2006 as “The Jazz Band of the Year 2005”. All members of the band are excellent musicians and well-known internationally. Fusio Group's compositions are written and arranged by drummer and bandleader Péter Szendőfi.

The event is sponsored by Petõfi Cultural Agency.

A koncert a Nemzeti Kulturális Alap és a Hangfoglaló Program támogatásával valósult meg.

Fusio Group 30 concert Hangfoglaló Program
Fusio Group 30 concert NKA - Nemzeti Kulturális Alap
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