Freakin' Disco

4000 HUF
in advance: 3500 HUF
(only 100 available in advance)

We have been waiting to come back to Trafó since 2019! That was a unique experience for us and we are working on making this one unique as well. This year there won’t be a LED-wall. Vince Varga and Máté Bredán are currently experimenting with opening new portals and wormholes. In a way, we are constantly searching our way, searching for the music that defines us. We are continuously writing new songs that will eventually make up the new album, TOTEM, next spring. Old music is always being rewritten a little bit. They come back to us and we learn from them all the time. It is very exciting to prepare for such a special concert. To find what takes our breath away.

Freakin' Disco:
Andris Csizmás
Gábor Keresztes
Áron Komjáti
Ágoston Szabó Sipos

A koncert a Nemzeti Kulturális Alap és a Hangfoglaló Program támogatásával valósult meg.

Freakin' Disco NKA - Nemzeti Kulturális Alap
Freakin' Disco Hangfoglaló Program
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