Cirkus Cirkör:

3200 Ft / Student: 2600 Ft / Contemporary circus pass is valid
Romantic, dark, daring, heart-warming, pleasantly melancholic, boundlessly charming, humorous, dramatic, sensitive, acrobatics with endless possibilities – without a moment of dullness. They’re coming back! They’re coming back!
The enthusiasm for the new circus that is so characteristic of the Budapest audiences began with the Swedish Cirkus Cirkör. We all stare at the stage in awe with our jaws hanging open regardless of age and sex, where there’s everything we could ever hope for: the grotesque, tragicomedy, surprises and things we’ve never seen before.
Wear it like a Crown, the final installment of the Cirkus Cirkör’s trilogy on the body (the first installment – 99% Unknown (2004) – was also featured at the Trafó) thinks like the chaotic system of the right hemisphere of the brain. On this occasion, the members of the ensemble have created a fabulous, Jean-Pierre Jeunetish (Delicatessen, The City of Lost Children, Amélie) world. The six odd characters all feel like they’re the loneliest people in the world and all they all come up unusual, lame ideas of establishing contact with the others, for example, with the use of ping pong balls, suction cups or a chainsaw.
This performance is our Christmas gift and is recommend for everyone over 10 years of age.

David Eriksson                Marvel of the century
Fouzia "Fofo" Rakez       Wild weird and wonderful
Henrik Agger                    Wizard of wonder
Louise Bjurholm               Miraculous and supernatural
Anna Lagerkvist               Mistress of Mayhem
Jesper Nikolajeff              Nerves of steel
Concept and direction: Tilde Björfors
Music and lyrics: Rebekka Karijord
Set design: Creative team and ensemble
Costume: Anna Bonnevier
Mask: Helena Andersson
Lighting design: Ulf Englund
Prop design: Tomas Helsing
Film and projections: Johan Bååth
Dramaturge: Camilla Damkjaer
Choreography: Cilla Roos
Circus choreography: Molly Saudek
Patrik Petersson                       Sound technician            
Viktor Svälas                             Light technician               
Patric Martinsson                      Stage technician             
Belinda Nikolajeff                      Tourleader/Merchendise

Box Office opening hours:
  • Main hall performance days: 16h-22h
  • studio and club performance days: 16h-20h30
  • other days: 16h-20h
Trafó Gallery opening hours:
  • Performance days: 4-10pm.
  • Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday: 4pm-7pm.
  • Closed on Mondays.
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