Volkova Sisters, Terra Profonda

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Taking their name from characters in William Gibson’s cyperpunk masterpiece ‘Pattern Recognition’, the London-based VOLKOVA SISTERS was formed in Budapest in 2009. The ‘sisters’ (Gergely Kovacs, Daniel Sandor and Dalma Berger) found each other through a shared passion for dark and melancholic 80’s New Wave music. They vowed to create their own visions, inspired by the shimmering distortions of My Bloody Valentine and the dreamy landscapes of Cocteau Twins and European ‘cold wave’, but with a sharper emphasis on industrial pop - adding their own unique twists of depth, space, beauty and dynamism. In Volkova Sisters, Europe’s East and West meet and merge, taking listeners on sonic trips to the chilly north…
Terra Profonda formed in Budapest in September, 2012. The trio’s compositions consist of conventional songs inspired by the fertile lap of blues, jazz and folk music, mixed with improvisation and free musical processes, all twisted around visionary poems. As the group’s name suggests, the earth and an earthy approach to sound are crucial to their music. For want of a better phrase, their lyrical and musical compositions can be described as ‘dramatic blues’.
The songs portray downtrodden sailors, swearing and rambling lovers, startled horses, scarred, berserk wayfarers, and mad, edgy Eastern-European family men among others, all spread out in the night like moths strung up on sheets, swarming in the world of Terra Profonda.
 Krisztián Kiss - koboz, tenorszaxofon, ír buzuki / koboz, tenor sax, irish bouzouki
 Mátyás Szabó - gitár, basszusgitár / guitar, bass guitar
Vincenzo Lo Buglio - ének / vocals



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