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As part of the ‘smART! EXTRA’ series of interactive presentations, audiences are invited to find out about interdisciplinary forms of co-operation between different areas of the arts and creative industries, through a number of ongoing projects. The focus of the ‘Visual music’ event will be on visual imagery’s musical structures.

Binaura is a Hungarian collective who have been building software-based interfaces and physical installations using free and open source tools since the early 2000s. They regularly host international workshops (in the EU, Norway and India) in the fields of interaction modalities, creative coding and procedural drawing. Their works focus on interaction, new interfaces for creative communication, prototyping and open source exchange of ideas. Opening and modifying existing commercial tools and contexts are part of their working process.

The two permanent members Agoston Nagy and Bence Samu come from an art background, and are currently researching the cultural aspects of technology. They are former researchers at ‘Kitchen Budapest’, and now work with the ‘Prezi Delight’ research group. As well as autonomous art projects, they also work together with entrepreneurs, startup companies, independent theatre companies and design universities.
They will present three pieces at smART!: ‘Spheretones’, a musical application which creates sounds through visual interaction; ‘Alpha’, an interactive spatial installation; and ‘Silence’, a public intervention realised on the streets of Partapur, India.

Ernő Zoltán Rubik is a pianist, improviser and composer. His music explores the division between audience and performer, improvisation and composition, live and recorded material. He also works in theatre and dance projects (Krétakör, The Symptoms, Research Into the Unknown grant), challenging himself as a musician and as a physical performer. He has performed as a dancer (Collective Comipoq) and is also a versatile beat boxer and vocalist. He plays improvised music and free jazz with his groups rubik.erno.quintet and trio:beeper. Since 2011 he has curated the weekly improvised music series called JAZZAJ. He studied composition at the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy, Budapest.

Bálint Bolcsó studied instrumental and electroacoustic composition in Budapest, Vienna, Paris, Hannover and Cologne, and has also been a regular participant in the International Bartók Seminar in Szombathely, Hungary. His compositions have been performed at the Bartók Festival, Budapest Autumn Festival, Making New Waves Festival, and Wien Modern among others. He writes vocal, instrumental and electroacoustic works, radio plays and sound installations, as well as applied music for film, dance and theatre, often using live electronics in both composed and improvised music. His DLA thesis at the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy, Budapest focussed on electroacoustic improvisation, and he lectures on similar subjects at the University of Pécs.

Ábris Gryllus is a graphic designer and  DJ. He graduated from MOME in 2012, his diploma being an interactive table which allows sounds from different riverside cities to be heard, with a video that reacts to the sounds generated. Water and city, and their symbiosis and contrasts, serves as a starting point to his work of art.

Presenters: Ágoston NAGY, Bence SAMU, Ernő Zoltán RUBIK, Bálint BOLCSÓ, Ábris GRYLLUS
Moderator: Bálint VERES
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