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sacrifice, grief, compatriot

Forte Company's latest premier – based on Thomas Bernhard’s works – focuses on the problem of living in the shadow of the sins of the past.

There is a tense atmosphere in an archaic Upper Austrian manor house. Several people among the crowd assembled for a suicidal father’s funeral would rather escape into the fresh air outside. But outside, in a clearing behind the greenhouse, there is a patch of lighter grass: the outline of a mass wartime grave, which has deeply embedded itself in the family’s memory. All comes to the surface during this “misadventure” and “horrible memorial service”.

As they walk past the catafalque, the relatives talk to themselves about the father, and the ‘slander’ on the parental home. It’s impossible to rid themselves of the overwhelming memory of the last voices of the victims buried underground.

cast: Máté ANDRÁSSY, Lilla BARNA e.h., László FEHÉR, Nóra FÖLDEÁKI e.h., Barnabás HORKAY, József KÁDAS, Nóra MOLNÁR G., Norbert NAGY, Márton PALLAG, Kristóf WIDDER
dramaturge: Attila RÁCZ
costume design: Mari BENEDEK
set design: Csaba ANTAL
light design: Ferenc PAYER
production manager: Anna KUDRON
assistant to the director: Franciska STANGL
director–choreographer: Csaba HORVÁTH

Vaterland EMMI-Emberi Erőforrások Minisztériuma
Vaterland Műhely Alapítvány
Vaterland NKA - Nemzeti Kulturális Alap
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