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A cinematic journey of ultraphysical circus - this fascinating futuristic dream pulls you into another dimension.

Unknown threats collide with acrobatics beyond imagination. Multidisciplinary madcap acrobat Rauli Dahlberg takes us on a fascinating adventure into the heart of gravity. As a source of inspiration for "O'DD," Dahlberg used the visionary worlds of science fiction literature. Just like these unknown universes, his acrobatics inspire our imagination. Poetic magic on the trampoline, dynamic ball balancing, and dizzying feats on the turntable are among his many skills. His show is a single rush of movement.

For Rauli the foundations of circus are visuality, storytelling and surprise. His art is risky and entertaining, while including cinematic atmospheres and controlled chaos. He felt that there should be no limitations to the stories that could be told through circus and started working on O’DD already in 2012 through acrobatic experimentation and writing the script and themes of human growth on personal and universal level. He is joined by the musician Miro Mantere, a pioneer of live-looping, whose compositions and self-made instruments create an atmospheric soundscape with room for improvisation and interaction for both artists.

Since 2008, the award-winning Finnish Race Horse Company has stood for uncompromising contemporary circus. Their daring performances combine danger and humor with extremely physical, ingenious acrobatics. O'DD is a bold continuation of their visionary circus artistry. Since the very beginning, Race Horse Company has focused on international touring with their hit shows like Petit Mal (2010) and Super Sunday (2014). The team quickly became one of the most internationally touring Finnish performing arts companies and the founding members were awarded with the State's Circus Award in 2016 for their uncompromising work and risk-taking.

"Rauli Dahlberg's brilliant cosmos is sparkling - The soundscape-space-odyssey with sound artist Miro Mantere is a monolith of skill and play. [...] It represents visionary circus art." (Kaleva, 2020)

Concept, director & choreographer: Rauli Dahlberg
Assistant choreographer: Jarkko Mandelin
On stage: Rauli Dahlberg & Miro Mantere
Production: Antti Suniala, Race Horse Company
Lighting design: Jere Mönkkönen
Music & sound design: Miro Mantere
Rigging design: Eero Alava
Set design: Rauli Dahlberg & Jere Mönkkönen
Costume design: Tiina Valve
Supported by: FinnAgora, Finnish Cultural Foundation, Alfred Kordelin Foundation, Kone Foundation, Samuel Huber Foundation, Subtopia
Residencies: Cirko - Center for New Circus, WHS, Saari residence, Hiljaisuus-residence, Supiainen residence
Show trailer: Christoffer Collina

O'DD Finnagora

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