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The Award-winning French saxophonist and vocalist Thomas de Pourquery is back with his band Supersonic for a second album called Sons of Love. The first one Play Sun Ra was awarded as the best French Jazz Album in 2014.

Musicians who all have a love of melody, trance and improvisation; three fundamental principles of playing together. Here the force is the vibration and we think of groups such as Mingus, Coltrane, Sun Ra, but also of Joy Division, Sex Pistols, Jeff Mills ... A brotherhood with a repetitive urban language with today's technologies, which stirs emotion and moves people in an act committed humanly and politically, to connect to what we do not understand, to the miracle of life.
Similar to the Indian ragas, here the tracks are characters that propel us in the heroic intergalactic epic of Titan when he meets the Sirens. Together, they travel in Spaces Ways and in an explosion of love from planet to planet then to ecstasy and finally landing to hold back time. They then become aware that they are the threads of love, woven and transcended by the Simple Forces, and set out to recapture the booty to make the Revolution, the only, the great, the true: around the sun.
The extraordinary French musicians from Supersonic assembled here come from as many diverse backgrounds and styles. Although these musicians evolved through contemporary music, rock and electro, they are above all great jazz players, with a love of trance, melody and improvisation – the essence of the music played by this band. Supersonic brings together songs that have a universal dimension that speaks to everyone. Far from tribute or imitation, the band’s music tells their own story through this fabulously idiosyncratic material: the story of six Supersonic musicians, led by this most enigmatic of creative artists from today’s French music scene, Thomas de Pourquery. Wild and raw, joyful and urgent with bags of character – do not miss the opportunity to hear the band live!

Thomas de Pourquery - alto saxophone, lead vocals, electronics, percussion
Arnaud Roulin - piano, synthesizers, electronics, accordion, percussion
Fabrice Martinez - trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals, percussion
Laurent Bardainne - tenor saxophone, vocals, synthesizer
Edward Perraud - drums, vocals, electronics 
Frederick Galiay - bass, vocals

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