WArd/waRD - Ann Van den Broek (BE/NL)

The Black Piece

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Absence of light
No reflection
Symbol of mourning, finality, darkness, night
Black holes

The other black
Black earth, fertility
Mystery, seduction, exotic
A pregnant colour
Elegance, power

Many gradations, deeper layers
Nothing is what it seems
Colour of the mask we all wear

The Black Piece, a production with a group of dancers and a cameraman, taking place largely in the dark. In this dance performance, which is also a dance film, the spectator is constantly wrong-footed.

Choreographer Ann Van den Broek was inspired by the book 'Black, The History of a Color' by Michael Pastoureau. Through the ages people have attached various meanings to the color black. Black often represents mourning, but also reminds people of militant organizations, such as the Black Panthers. Black also has positive expressions, such as the fertile black soil. Black as a fashion color conjures leather jackets as well as black Chanel suits or Gothic trends.

Van den Broek lets black be the red thread in a piece that is gripping one moment and alienating the next. An ambience is created similar to a darkroom; suspenseful, as if there could be a secret to uncover. Sometimes reality is stranger than you think. Images, light, movement, sounds, the soundscape by Arne Van Dongen, the voice of singer Gregory Frateur; all these elements in The Black Piece are sure to heighten senses and undermine expectations.

After completing her dance education at the Rotterdam Dance Academy, Ann Van den Broek danced with the Elisa Monte Company in New York, Dansgroep Krisztina de Châtel, Galili Dance and Charleroi/Danses. In the ten years she worked as a dancer, she was always researching and developing her own dance idiom, and in December 2000 she decided to dedicate herself to developing her own choreographic work. At this moment she works independently from her own non-profit organizations WArd/waRD vzw ( Belgium ) and, from the end of 2008 established WArd/waRD foundation (The Netherlands).

concept & choreography: Ann Van den Broek
music: Arne Van Dongen and Dez Mona
live camera / lighting design: Bernie van Velzen
dancers: Jan Deboom, Louis Combeaud, Andreas Kuck, Frauke Mariën, Francesca Monti and others
styling: Ann Van den Broek
Belgian premiere 14 June 2014 ccBerchem, Antwerp (BE)
Dutch premiere 19 September 2014 Korzo theater, The Hague (NL)
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