PanoDrama: To study, to study, to study

1800 Ft / Student: 1500 Ft / season ticket is valid
In Hungarian with English subtitles.

Career planning or unwanted career change. 500 hundred euros or 6000 thousand Swiss francs. Bullies in the class, sadists among the teachers. Gypsies downstairs, white folk upstairs - Roma integration á lá Hungary. Them. Us. Seriously. But with a sense of humour. Word for Word once again. "PanoDrama's creative team manages to talk about segregation vs. integration, pre-school training, higher education or school violence with a painful humour, while showing us something new once again." (Nikolett Antal, Notes On a Scandal,

PanoDrama (the team of actors and dramaturgs) interviewed teachers, pupils, students, professors, parents, education experts devising a verbatim play once again, all texts of which are original material. Borrowing the methodology of the world-famous Rimini Protokoll PanoDrama also invites experts to participate live in the show.

Performed by:
Feuer Yvette, Hárs Anna, Ördög Tamás, Schermann Márta,
Szamosi Zsófi, Urbanovits Krisztina, and education experts
Concept and dramaturgy: Garai Judit, Hárs Anna, Lengyel Anna
Video: Korai Zsolt
Light: Vígh Péter
Sound: Hunyadi Alex
Director: Schermann Márta
Cretive producer: Lengyel Anna
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  • other days: 5pm - 8 pm
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