Beatrix Simkó (HU) – Jenna Jalonen (FI)

Long time no see!

2800 HUF / student: 2200 HUF
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body, language, isolation

Beatrix and Jenna were born in isolated European countries. They have the same amount of muscles and bones. They are movers, acrobatics, comfortable with steam and water. Women of the Y-generation. Blonde and brunette. Nordic and Central-European. One’s ancestors lived under the Turkish, the other under the Swedish empire. One drinks pálinka the other one Koskenkorva. Almost sisters. Not quite. 

Long time no see is a research project about common roots and isolation, social similarities and differences, meaning of words and metacommunication, actions and reactions, understanding and misunderstanding, nearness and distance, sisterhood and cousinship. A performance by a Brussels-based Finnish and a Hamburg-based Hungarian young artist that explores the unfamiliar and familiar aspects of two cultures that used to be related. 

Through gestures and cultural movement patterns in collaboration with writers, visual and sound designers they translate grammatical rules into motion and raise questions that separate and bring us together at the same time. 

The performance was selected as an official programme of Festival d’Avginon and AEROWAVES Spring Forward twenty19.

concept, choreography, perfomers: Beatrix SIMKÓ and Jenna JALONEN
set design, photography, video: Daniel DÖMÖLKY
sound: Ábris GRYLLUS
text: András VINNAI
costume: Emese KASZA - MEI KAWA
light: Dániel DÖMÖLKY, Balázs KRISZTIÁN / András VÁRADI
production manager: Brigitta KOVÁCS
special thanks: Anita VODÁL, Jessica SIMET, Ernő KIRÁLY, Zoltán SZMOLKA, András BENYÁK, Péter PUSZTAHÁZI, József PETŐ, József GYABRONKA, Anna MAKAY, Katalin TAKÁCS, Gábor KARCIS, Sándor LILIENBERG, Szabolcs DÉNES

supporters: National Cultural Fund, Life Long Burning, Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles, Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux, Trafó House of Contemporary Arts

cooperation partners: Workshop Foundation, Ultima Vez, Rakastajat Teatteri Pori, Balassi Institute Helsinki, Suomi 100, Studio Latéral 19, Let it Be! art agency, deephoto, PUR E, Mei Kawa, DNN, SIN Arts Centre 
With the support of the Creative Europe program of the European Union as part of the SOURCE project.

"Közös előadásuk, a Long time no see róluk szól, de rajtuk keresztül rólunk is: magyar, finn, európai (és ha egy kicsit tovább gondoljuk: bármilyen) identitásunkról."

"A Long time no see! című színpadi alkotás olyan, mint az egészséges állatorvosi ló: a kortárstáncnak nevezett műfaj összes viruló tünete megfigyelhető rajta."

"Máshogy értünk, máshogy olvasunk, máshogy hallgatunk. Erről is szól a Long time no see!."

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