Imre Zoltán Program - fiatal koreográfusok estje

Lukács Levente / Tóth Laura

2800 HUF
student: 2400 HUF
Trafó passes are accepted

The Imre Zoltán Programme is the most important support programme for the Hungarian dance scene. It offers young choreographers the opportunity to create major works. Limited resources encourage the profession to give priority to promising creators and to ensure that institutions provide them with the best possible support. This is how choreographies by Laura Tóth and Levente Lukács will be presented. Two works will be shown on the Trafó stage in one evening.

Lukács Levente: The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, 35 min 
Boys who like boys who like girls who like girls. The aim is to present a personal attitude that is both about the performer's life and about global themes such as masculinity, love, loneliness and dreaming and despair. Once you kill a cow, you gotta make a burger.
During the rehearsal process, the creator explored pop and rock artists he idolised, focusing on their movements and stage attitudes. The quality of the performance is based on the expectations vs. reality principle. How do we imagine ourselves and, in the process, how do we look? Can we observe ourselves in motion from the outside? If I imagine that I am a good dancer, will I be good? What would it be like if the scenes that we spin in our minds during love disappointments/ love thoughts to our current favourite music were actually realised?

Tóth Laura: Follia, 30 min
Follia means madness. This choreography for four dancers is about the conflict between external norms and internal desires. Some people experience the norms imposed on us by our environment as a comfort, others, on the contrary, as a hardship or constraint.
What if the conflict between norms and desires is resolved by a liberating frenzy? Women are excited by their hormones every month and need to recover from this state regularly. We need to break out of the monotony of everyday life. But sometimes it becomes maddeningly difficult when life throws us new challenges.
In this piece, we see four dancers searching for their path, asking these questions in the midst of uncertainty and anxiety. Are the rules we live by easy or stifling? Is what others do the right thing? Who am I in this system?

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  • other days: 5pm - 8 pm
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