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nudity, abstraction, risk

In this Hodworks production, the naked human body takes centre stage. It opens up in front of us like a landscape, dressed in the veins of the muscles, and the wrinkles and flushed nature of the skin, highlighting the body's anatomical-mechanical nature or ‘animal-like quality’ which in recent times has been suppressed and become taboo. The continuous interaction between and never-ending series of developments turn this daring piece into a performance which demands an exceptionally high level of awareness, strength, and refinement from the dancers.  An avant-garde, radical, prejudice-free investigation of the body, as one would expect from Adrienn Hód.

Performers: Garai Júlia, Jessica Simet, Molnár Csaba, Marcio Kerber Canabarro
live music: Mizsei Zoltán
Music Consultant: Sőrés Zsolt Ahad
Consultant: Szabó-Székely Ármin, Sőrés Zsolt, Marco Torrice
Light: Dézsi Kata
Choreography: Hód Adrienn

Co-production partner: Trafó – Kortárs Művészetek Háza

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"A test feltárul, mint egy táj, az izmok rajzolata, a bőr gyűrődései, az érintések lenyomatai, a bőrpír öltöztetik."

2013 September 28.

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