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The Eastern Bloc catwalk concert explores the socialist-communist past of Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland in an international co-production. Featuring extravagant costumes and vocal music accompanied by electronics, the performance gives a glimpse into a full day of a fictional country's only national TV channel on a special national holiday, Unification Day.

Catwalk concerts are a new performing arts genre somewhere between theatre, choral concert and extreme fashion show. The performances are themed and feature a group of performers who present vibrant, innovative, storytelling costumes on a catwalk-like stage, while singing contemporary compositions written for the scenes. In this way, the music and the costumes themselves become the two main art forms that dominate the stage, creating a new arena for theatre.
The Eastern Bloc draws on aspects of the social, aesthetic and everyday life of the communist-socialist era in the various Visegrad countries. Together with the artists from each country, we have created a project that speaks of our common past, with reference to the societies of the present and even the future. The aim is not to evoke nostalgia for the socialist era, but to initiate a dialogue between countries and different generations - who have very different memories of this period - and to reflect on how our common heritage lives on in our present and raises relevant questions for our lives today.

Catwalk Concert Productions proposes a brand-new concept created in 2015 by costume designer Fruzsina Nagy and music composer and conductor Dóra Halas to define the collaborative performances that do not strictly fit into any of the consecrated categories of the performing arts. In Hungary, the artist duo collaborates with the experimental choir Soharóza. Soharóza improvises with the human voice, language and movement, exploring different areas from folk music to composed pieces, constantly searching for new forms and sounds.


TV announcer, singer: Kata Pető

Members of Soharóza:

Petra Al-Farman / Fanni Eckhard

Szaffi Asbóth / Luca Perényi

Judit Biksz / Borbála Tamási

Ilona Liliána Birtalan / Dóra Rácz

Tamás Bogdán / Máté Szilvay

Sarolta Eörsi / Lilla Nagy

Dániel Jankó / András Sipos

Roland Karosi / Lóránt Kégl

Endre Kertész / Tamás Tárnoki

Ákos Lokody

Sarolta Majkut / Zsófia Nagy

Kata Nagy / Júlia Simon

Zsófia Remes / Anna Sebők

László Somogyi / Bálint Szalontai

Soharóza Cloud Choir

Children: Abigél Gál, Sebestyén Gál, Julianna Nagy

Music: Dóra Halas, Ákos Lovász

Sound design: Ákos Lovász

Text: Sarolta Eörsi, Dora Kaplarova (CZ), Orsolya Matejčuk (SK), Anna Veress, Agnieszka Wolny-Hamkalo (PL)

Dramaturge: Anna Veress

Costume designers: Zuzana Hudekova (SK), Dorota Kuźniarska (PL), Fruzsina Nagy, Simona Rybakova (CZ)

MAII. students of the Scenography Department – Hungarian University of Fine Arts:

Hanna Erős, Réka Fülöpp, Betti Király, Alíz Kovács, Zsófi Jákóhalmi, Panna Kárpáti, Kata Dorka Bense

Assistants to the Costume designers: Veronika Keresztesová, Grzegorz Łabuda (PL), Dominika Mészáros

Set designer: Juli Balázs

Assistant to the Set designer: Luca Kata Fehér

Choreography: Joanna Jaworska-Maciaszek (PL)

Media design: Máté Bredán, Šimon Caban (CZ)

Light designer: Ján Ptačin (SK)

Technical director: Tibor Kiefer

Assistant to the Technical director: Lóránt Kégl

Sound: Dávid Kovács

Communication: András Sipos

Assistant to the Directors: Diána Laky

Manager: Alina Karnics

Directed by Dóra Halas & Fruzsina Nagy

Producer: Catwalk Concert Productions | Project partners: Action Group (PL), Pro Scena (SK), COSDAT (CZ)

Supported by: Visegrad Fund, i-Portunus, Magyar Telekom, LIBERTY Creative Europe Programme, NKA, Memento Park, Trafó

The performance is created in the framework of the Liberty international partnership with the support of the Creative Europe Program of the European Union.

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Eastern Bloc Liberty Festival
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