Szauer Lilla

Pelléas and Mélisande

4200 HUF
3200 HUF - student, teacher, retired
Trafo passes are accepted
The performance features pitch-black and strong sound effects. The performance is only in Hungarian.

The story of Pelléas and Mélisande is for those who have felt or are feeling that they are running out of air next to someone. For those who want to leave the castle from which Mélisande could not leave.

Strange talking creatures, with a numb body that has to be constantly held or carried. The characters in Maeterlinck's symbolist drama are sick or dead, and those who are alive are only shadows of themselves, in a castle where time does not pass and the sun never shines.

The characters go round and round without realising it. Everything is a repetition of something that has already happened to them. And they die. Perhaps if they could recognise the repetition, they could avoid it. But there's a fog that prevents them from seeing what's happening to them. My fog wouldn't let me either. I started wondering how this whole fog thing worked. Who puts it there? My lover, my mother, my friends? Or is it possible that I put fog in front of my own eyes?

Zoltán Sas is a fifth-year acting student in the class of Eszter Novák-Selmeczi György. Liliána Czirják is a fifth-year acting student in the class of Sándor Zsótér. Kornél Laboda director, dramaturg, freelancer actor. Bendegúz Szabó is a student of landscape architecture. Sára Sahin-Tóth is a fifth-year student director in the Tamás Ascher-Peter Forgács class. Ádám Fekete is a writer, director and actor, his own plays can be seen at Trafó and Örkény Theatre. Dorottya Szonja Koltay is a visual artist, who graduated in 2020 from the painting department of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. Lilla Szauer is a fifth-year dramaturg student in the class of Péter Kárpáti and Adám Fekete.
PELLÉAS: Zoltán Sas  
MÉLISANDE: Liliána Czirják
GOLAUD: Laboda Kornél  
LITTLE YNIOLD, Golo's son from his first marriage / THE CASTLE: Tamás Szabó Bendegúz
DOCTOR: Sára Sahin-Tóth 
BOY: Szauer Lilla

Stage design:
Dorottya Szonja Koltay

Gálhidy Sára

Lilla Szauer

Supported by Trafó, Csokonai Nonprofit Ltd. and Freeszfe Association in the framework of the 6th TITÁNium programme.
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