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An executor arrives to evict a single woman from her Budapest flat, but an unexpected twist prevents him from carrying out his plan. Meanwhile, the pitiless fellow is forced to examine his own conscience, and it becomes clear that the derelict flat hides dark secrets which the new tenants must face...

Do we choose our fates, or are our lives predestined? The characters live an imitation of life; a life of ingrained habit far removed from the political situation of the moment. The performance is made up of two duets, two side-notes from a margin of society where injustice is the unwritten law.

Kornél Mundruczó's new production is both poetic and provocative and breaks new ground for Proton Theatre.

Mrs. Lőrinc Ruszó: Lili MONORI
Mihály Sudár: Roland RÁBA
Veronika Fenyvesi: Bori PÉTERFY
Szilveszter Ruszó: Zsombor JÉGER
Jónás Harcos: Norton KOZMA

Set: Márton ÁGH
Decorator: Zsolt ZSIGRI
Costumes: Márton ÁGH, Melinda DOMÁN
Light: András ÉLTETŐ
Written by: Kata WÉBER
Dramaturg: Soma BORONKAY
Assistant director: Anna FEHÉR
Director: Kornél MUNDRUCZÓ

Producer: Dóra BÜKI
Production manager: Zsófia CSATÓ
Technical director: András ÉLTETŐ
Light technician: Zoltán RIGÓ
Stage master: Jachya FREETH
Dresser: Melinda DOMÁN

The photo was taken by Ákos Stiller and edited by Iván Vörös

CO-PRODUCERS: Wiener Festwochen, Vienna, Austria; Theater Oberhausen, Germany; La Rose des Vents, Lille, France; Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, Budapest, Hungary; HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin, Germany; HELLERAU - European Center for the Arts, Dresden, Germany; Wiesbaden Biennale, Germany, Maillon, Théâtre de Strasbourg / Scène européenne, France

Box Office opening hours:
  • Main hall performance days: 5 pm - end of performance + 30 mins, 10 pm max.
  • studio and club performance days: 5 pm - 8:30 pm
  • other days: 5pm - 8 pm, closed on Sunday and Monday.
Trafó Gallery opening hours:
  • Main Hall performance days: 4-10pm.
  • Opening hours: Wednesday - Saturday: 4pm-7pm. Sunday: 10am-2pm.
  • Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.
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