ELMARAD - Júlia Bagossy

The Last Man On Earth - performance of the Freeszfe Society

4200 HUF
3200 HUF - student, teacher, retired
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It's been ten years since men died out on Earth. A Hungarian woman claims she was able to keep her child alive in a sterilized basement, and hope encourages and outrages the country's residents. 
A contemporary, new Hungarian drama about hope, intimacy, gender roles and populism.
The creators are mostly freelance, young actresses. Director Júlia Bagossy and playwright Sára Törley-Havas are former and current students of Freeszfe.

The performance is based on a radical thought experiment, theater director Júlia Bagossy wanted to work entirely from her own text and concept this time. There is no tangible solution for the future of humanity, the women living on Earth had to adapt to countless changes, they are lonely. The show tells the story of the rise and fall of a movement, the struggle against general hopelessness, the role of men in society, and what it's like when a child is used for selfish gain.


Dorottya Gellért
Mariann Hermányi
Katalin Simkó
Cseke Lilla Cnge
Gombo Viola Lotti
Janka Veselovsky
Koós Buttercup
Bence Szalay

Playwright: Sára Törley-Havas
Assistant director: Nóra Zsengellér
Set designer: Anna Radetzky
Music director: Péter Pálos
Director: Júlia Bagossy
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