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This is a square, a stage, a world, a life. Space is getting tighter and time is getting shorter. 
In Split, the dancers Melanie Lane and Lilian Steiner, one clothed and one naked, are framed by ever-diminishing dimensions of space and time with escalating intensity.
This dance revels in Lucy Guerin’s sharp, elegant choreographic investigations, reflecting the dilemmas of negotiating with oneself and others in a world of increased pressure and reduced resources.
Split received a prestigious Helpmann Award for Best Dancer (Lilian Steiner) as well as numerous other award nominations. Featuring a musical score by UK composer Scanner, Split is a thought-provoking structural meditation rendered in movement and delivered by one of Australia’s most fearless dance companies.

“[Guerin’s] choreography is always fearless, and this fascinating work is both beautiful and stark. Split showcases everything that’s exciting about dance as an art form.” (The Music)

Lucy Guerin Inc is an Australian dance company established in Melbourne in 2002 to create and tour new dance works. Renowned for the skill and originality of its small group of performers, it is a flexible organisation dedicated to challenging and extending the art of contemporary dance.
The Company is committed to the exploration of everyday events and the redefinition of the formal concerns of dance. New productions are generated through an experimental approach to creative process and may involve voice, video, sound, text and industrial design as well as Guerin’s lucid physical structures. Crucially, this is always a choreographic exploration, striving for visual, emotional and physical revelations that could not be generated or communicated in any other artform than dance.
Director: Lucy Guerin
Choreographer: Lucy Guerin
Dancers from premiere production: Lilian Steiner, Melanie Lane
Composer: Scanner
Producer: Michaela Coventry, Annette Viesseux
Lighting designer: Paul Lim
Sound designer: Robin Fox

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  • other days: 5pm - 8 pm
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  • Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday: 4pm-7pm.
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