Caroline Laurin-Beaucage & Martin Messier (CAN): Soak

2400 Ft | Student: 1900 Ft
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Post-Show discussion
on 26 February after the performance with Caroline Laurin -Beaucage és Martin Messier choreographers

Emptied of their identity, dispossessed of history, anonymous beings are projected in a black hole. Moving, lost in the midst of time, as intuitive and instinctive bodies. Stroked by lighting and sounds as vanishing flashbacks of a tattered memory. There is no mild glimmer, no melody: Within obscurity, fugitive luminous stains enlighten the bodies while the fragments of staccato sounds hit them. Soak immerse us into the obscure universe of lost bodies trying to remember.

“ [...] A jewel in which the spectator is immersed in a complete artistic world. The dance, lighting and music are each independent works, and alone could have imbued the stage with an intriguing, sombre and mysterious atmosphere, but together they create a complete and cohesive world that is captivating from all angles.” -Laura Pinsonneault-Craig, DFDanse, Montréal, janvier 2012

Choreographers : Caroline Laurin-Beaucage, Martin Messier
Created with : Caroline Laurin-Beaucage, Brianna Lombardo
Substitute dancers: Manuel Roque, Elinor Fueter, Caroline Laurin-Beaucage, Brianna Lombardo
Sound : Martin Messier
Lights : Martin Messier, Karine Gauthier
Photos : Julie Artacho

An event jointly organized with ​ Francophonie Festival

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