Roland Rába / Proton Theatre: UTOLSÓ

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The show comprises stroboscopics effects inadvisable for pregnant women, epileptic people or ones who have pace maker.

This performance was inspired by Eugène Ionesco's play Rhinoceros, in which a peculiar epidemic surfaces in a common small town. People suddenly start experiencing odd symptoms and turn into a rhinoceros from one minute to the next. They form bands in their newfound bodies, instinctively roaming up and down in town, slowing taking over and making the day-to-day lives of “normal” people miserable.

Performers:  BAKSA Imre, BÁNKI Gergely, FICZERE Béla, HERCZEG Tamás, MÁZLÓ Tímea, SZÉKELY Rozi, TÓTH Orsi valamint ADÁNYI Alex, FÖLDESI Ágnes, SINKÓ Réka/CSIKÁSZ Ágnes
Set: MENCZEL Róbert
Costumes: OLÁH Tímea
Dramaturg: BÜKI Dóra
Music manager: PUSKÁS Péter
Movement: GYÖNGYÖSI Tamás
Assistant director: KISS Ágota
Directed by: RÁBA Roland
Producer: BÜKI Dóra
Production manager: CSATÓ Zsófia
Technical director, light: ÉLTETŐ András
Sound: BELÉNYESI Zoltán
Props: NAGY Gergely
Stage manager: CSUNDERLIK Péter


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Box Office opening hours:
  • Main hall performance days: 16h-22h
  • studio and club performance days: 16h-20h30
  • other days: 16h-20h
Trafó Gallery opening hours:
  • Main hall performance days: 16h-22h
  • other days: 16-19h
  • monday: closed
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