KoMa- Edna Mazya: Games in the Backyard

1800 Ft / Student: 1400 Ft / season ticket is valid

The performance is in Hungarian!

Duration: 60’

The performance has come into being with a cooperation between Orlai Production Agency and KoMa Company.

It is about a true story: in some a backyard four seventeen year old boys raped a fourteen year old girl. When they were caught, the subsequent trial lasted three long years, so the theatre text elaborates upon the three years from the rape till the deliverance of the court verdict.
The play is an unvarnished analysis of prior events, contexts, causes and effects. The author tries to represent the affair from different aspects of all the participants. It doesn’t give any answer but egg us on to think more about the nature of respect and understanding.

The Author

Edna Mazya, writer, script-writer, playwright and director was born in Tel Aviv in 1949. She studied theatre and philosophy, and received her MA from Tel Aviv University where she later taught dramatic writing. Several of Mazyas plays have been staged abroad. She has also published two successful novels. In 1997, Mazya was awarded the Margalit Prize for her plays The Rebels and Family Story. For The Rebels, she also received the Leah Goldberg Prize and was nominated Playwright of the Year (1998). A film for which she wrote the script received the Israel Academys Best TV Film Award (2004).

About KoMa

„This theatre is for contemporary Hungarian plays or - stretching the point – for contemporary art. That’s why KoMa. Ten young, open-minded actors cooperate not only with each other but with partners who think similarly about life and art and write or paint or set it to music. We think with the ones it is possible to think with. With people we can talk about „here and now” with.
KoMa is searching for new forms of communication with audience – for example during discussions after the performances.
Let’s play together. That’s what KoMa is for.”

With one of their very first productions (Plazma) KoMa won an award of POSZT 2008 (The yearly Hungarian National Theatre Festival). After the premiére in November 2007 they played it almost 100 times! This year’s second performance (Fédra Fitness) was also invited to the competition program of POSZT 2009 and is permanently a great draw as well in professional circles. Fédra Fitness is going to be presented in different international festivals, as well.

After the translation of Péter Deres the Hungarian version is written by: LŐKÖS Ildikó

GUARY Szandra
KOVÁCS Krisztián
KROÓ Balázs

Style: SZÖLLŐSI Géza
Set-Costume: CSEH Renátó
Music: BOLCSÓ Bálint
Technical associate: MERVEL Miklós
Choreography: FEJES Kitty and KATONA Gábor
Technician: Oláh Krisztina roka

Production assistant: GYULAY Eszter

Producer: ORLAI Tibor

Director: ZRINYI-GÁL Vince

Special thanks to Joseph Priel

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