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In a landscape with lunar characteristics, between an archaic world and a science-fiction universe, three characters are drawn into an odyssey, a kind of metaphysical quest torn between primitive world and modernity.

We are drawn into a mystery. We both watch and experience it at the same time. We enter a journey, more precisely a voyage. A voyage into sensation, into music and light, into states of nearly supernatural ambivalence. There is initiation in what unfolds there, in the sense of rituals that ethnologists and anthropologists reveal to us.

Such is the strangeness of what should be called: an invitation to a journey.

"Falls" is first and foremost a musical form and a synesthetic experience. The term "electronic opera" probably suits it best.

Franck Vigroux produces a universe in which electronic and contemporary music, theatre, dance and video intersect. After a long period in the "underground" experimental music scene, his work in the early 2000s has evolved to embrace new artistic practices and stage writing. He produces “concept albums” that dwell within and between the realms of storytelling, music, and experimental film. His concerts take the form of audiovisual performances and synesthetic experiences, a multi-disciplinary approach that centers electronic soundscapes amidst sensorial spectacle: "Flesh" ( 2018), "Forêt" (2021) "Chutes" (2023).
Director, concept, music: Franck Vigroux
Video designer: Kurt d'Haeseleer
Vocals: Loïc Varanguien de Villepin
Choreographic consultant: Azusa Takeuchi
Dance: Haruka Miyamoto, Nina Berclaz
Lighting: Matthieu Ferry
Technique: Julien Paulhiac, Joseph Courant, Jérôme Bouchet 
Costume design: Margot Dusé
Dramaturgical adviser: Michel Simonot

Chutes/Falls Francia Intézet
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