AV Composers // Bori Mákó – Rozi Mákó


2020.10.15-11.29. Venice International Art Fair / BORDERS 2020 Festival | FUTURE LANDSCAPES

A co-work by Mákó-sisters (sound designer Rozi Mákó and media artist Bori Mákó), Close Distance is an audiovisual composition created during the period of voluntary home isolation, virtually bridging the physical distance and reflecting on each other's work. It is a melodized digital painting and a painted electronic music. Encounter of converging endpoints and planes, soundtracks and brushstrokes, in the air.

The sound and painted material was created during COVID-19 pandemic official lockdown period in Budapest. It was premiered in May 2020 as part of Trafó House of Contemporary Arts’ smART! XTRA 5.0 // AV Composers online event.

Bori MÁKÓ media artist, animation designer. She graduated from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in 2017 and holds a master’s degree in animation. Her visual language represents different genres of digital painting and her exhibition portfolio includes large-scale prints, video installations and printed publications. Her visual language and digital landscapes remind us of David Hockney’s painted atmosphere. In addition to her artistic work, she takes part in television productions and animated film projects. She has been teaching digital paintings since 2019.

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