Áramszünet - A Litera 20. születésnapi előszilvesztere

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On 9 November 1965, everything went dark in New York. The "Great Blackout" affected seven US states and one Canadian province But what does the sudden darkness bring out in people? 

Litera – the literature portal is finally back live after a two-year hiatus and also marks the 20th anniversary of the literary portal. The authors tell this story in the belief that - as Susan Sontag presented her candlelit performance of Waiting for Godot in besieged Sarajevo in 1993 - there is hope in the darkest hours. Mehr Licht!" said Goethe on his deathbed. More light! - we wish you on the penultimate day of the year.

Bán Zsófia, Darvasi László, Dragomán György, Grecsó Krisztián, Keresztury Tibor, Maros András, Spiró György és Szécsi Noémi.

Conferencer: Vilmos Vajdai
Music by Ágnes Bárdos Deák (vocals) and Kristóf Darvas (piano)
Visuals: Vj Unflyable
Photo by Gábor Valuska

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