Trafo Contemporary House of Arts at Kolorado Festival

14. June 2018. Thursday 14:00-22:00
EJTech _ S E N S O R I V M _
sound exploration with crystals
Come make music with crystals!
EJTECH is an experimental art and technology lab based in Budapest, founded by Esteban de la Torre (MEX) and Judit Eszter Karpati (HUN), exploring HCI (Human-Computer-Interaction) via alternative interfaces, e-textiles, new materials and interactive installations, while focusing their artistic research on the overlapping dimensions between sound and textile.
Artists: KÁRPÁTI Judit Eszter, Esteban DE LA TORRE
Creative concept: EJTech
Curated by: Let it Be! art agency
15. June 2018. Friday 16:00-17:30
Kinga Tóth performance
Kinga Tóth is a writer, sound and visual poet, and performer. She writes and publishes in Hungarian, German and English, and presents her texts at installations, exhibitions, visual and sound performances.
16. June 2018. 12:00-20:00
Gondolat Generátor (’Thought Generator’)
Trafó Contemporary House of Art celebrates it’s 20th Birthday this October. As a first step, the crew of Trafó’s contemporary engagement program, Though Generator will start to collect stories about how it feels like to be 20 years old?
Come, join them and tell your own story!
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