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Body, sex, gender, disease, blood, death, horror rhymes. Sensitive topics, unspoken taboos that from time to time we all feel the desire to face and overcome. So why not play a game of accepting these issues as normal, everyday matters, just for once? Why not use them as themes for an extravagant costume show and let our singing models unzip their minds and mouths? So a catwalk-concert is born, presenting the “Taboo Collection”.
Fruzsina Nagy – costume magician of numerous Hungarian and international theatre and film productions –, Dóra Halas – composer and conductor of experimental, improvised choir music –, and the 25 members of the Soharóza choir are now looking secret taboos and everyday frustrations in the eye. Breaking the rules of tradition and intimacy with humour has led them to organize for instance death parades, to show respect to the ancient power and even militancy of menstrual blood symbolizing fertility, or to bear up against physical and mental diseases. Taboo Collection’s haute couture costumes are inspired by the human body, gender roles, sexual feelings, instincts and children’s fears. The dresses are highlighted by Ákos Kiss media artist’s visual projections and the vocal music is embellished by Márk Bartha sound designer’s sonic effects. Nearly one hundred costumes and props – including 3D-printed and led-luminous pieces – appear on the catwalk stage. The provocative combination of different genres is a musical and visual experiment, an exciting journey to discover new cross-art collaboration forms.

Soharóza – founded in 2008 – experiments and improvises with human voice, language, movement, folk music as well as composed pieces: continually searching for new forms and sounds. The choir performed a slang-opera in a cave, organized gastronomical concerts, hosted a show in an abandoned power-station, and participated in flashmobs in Turkish baths – just to name a few of their unique appearances. The group recorded a studio album entirely of their own material, using different choral improvisational methods. They have recently performed at Trafó in the special edition of the Conductor Game of Bélaműhely Sound Art. The ensemble’s leader, Dóra Halas, gained her doctorate at the Budapest Music Academy, specializing in Choir Improvisation.

Fruzsina Nagy started her career in alternative theatre productions and has directed several individual performances at Trafó. She has worked with Árpád Schilling at the Krétakör theatre company, Róbert Alföldi at the National Theater, Tamás Ascher and Gábor Máté at the József Katona Theater, Viktor Bodó at the Szputnyik theatre company and many others, including international performances in Graz, Basel, Cologne, Vienna, Zurich and Heidelberg. She is highly interested in the relationship between the human body and its surrounding world, working with costumes, masks, make-up, fashion and visuals. Over the past decade she has already directed several costume shows using costumes as the ”main characters” of the stage. She gained “Best Costume and Mask Award” at the Hungarian POSzT festival in 2009 and 2013.
Concept: Fruzsina NAGY, Dóra HALAS, SOHARÓZA
With members of SOHARÓZA: Szaffi ASBÓTH, Judit BIKSZ, Ilona Liliána BIRTALAN, Tamás BOGDÁN, Fanni ECKHARDT, Judit Sára ELEK, Sarolta EÖRSI, Klára GÖTTINGER, Dániel JANKÓ, Ákos LOKODY, Ákos LOVÁSZ, Sarolta MAJKUT, Lilla NAGY, Zsófia NAGY, Luca PERÉNYI, Zsófia REMES, Anna SEBŐK, Júlia SIMON, András SIPOS, Bálint SZALONTAI, Máté SZILVAY, Borbála TAMÁSI, Tamás TÁRNOKI, Tamás TOSSENBERGER, Eszter ZÁMOLYI
Musical director, composer: Dóra HALAS
Costume design: Fruzsina NAGY
Set design: Ákos KISS
Electronics: Márk BARTHA
Choreography: Éva DUDA
Photo, graphic design: Gergő NAGY
Sound: János REMBECZKI
Costume assistants: Teresa SONNLEITNER, Réka MAGYAR, Dorottya SIMON
Set assistant: Zoltán VAJDA
Production manager: Andrea KOVÁCS / Let it Be! art agency
Assistant to directors: Jutka SZOKOL
Directed by: Fruzsina NAGY, Dóra HALAS
Special thanks: Annamária RADNAI, Klára CSERNE

Ady Mária kritikája a Tabu kollekcióról

"Izgalmas és titkon mindenkit foglalkoztató tabutémák vonulnak fel a mindennapok frusztrációinak kifutóján." - HVG ajánló

"Ez nem több és nem kevesebb, mint egy extrém, tabuk-inspirálta divatbemutató koncert." - Halas Dóra

NKA, Jurányi Ház, FÜGE, Szputnyik Shop, Varinex Zrt., Kryolan City, Mask Make-up Academy, BEFLEX,

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