The contemporary theater and theater-building has a complex nature: it establishes a direct connection between the players and the audience and instead of the conventional, one-sided approach of reception, it tries establishing a conversational relationship which mediates and exhibits. It's built on the thinking, active participation and sometimes even the resistance of the audience.
The companies introduced in the series include some which rely on a strong visual presence, some which emphasize interaction and audience participation, and others which choose a traditional method of presenting a story, yet all of which stress the importance of (motion) pictures. This provides us with five models which present current themes in an artistically relevant way in 2012.

SOCIETAS RAFFAELLO SANZIO (I): Sul concetto di volto nel Figlio di Dio 
25-26 september 2012., 8pm

On the Concept of the Face, Regarding the Son of God explores the notion of Jesus as icon. The action takes place in front of a giant Renaissance image of Christ. Castellucci uses his signature theatrical language to question mystical and theological manifestations, in this powerful and unsettling piece. Romeo Castellucci returns to Trafo with a haunting new creation. As an uncompromising theatre maker, he creates work that is at once beautiful, powerful and at times unsettling to watch.

J. M. Coetzee – Mundruczó Kornél: Disgrace 

24-26 october 2012., 8pm
Hungarian director and producer Kornél Mundruczó is now transposing this post-apartheid novel by Nobel Prize winner J.M. Coetzee to his merciless reality theatre. He sees in it the parable of the fears of a Europe – and particularly Hungary – confronted with radical change. Mundruczó produces a new vitriolic lampooning of hatred and exclusion.

Motus (IT): Alexis. Una Tragedia Greca 
3-4 november 2012., 8pm
 Alexandros-Andreas Grigoropoulos was killed on 6th December 2008, with a bullet to the chest fired by 37 year old policeman Epaminondas Korkoneas, one Saturday night like many others in the Exarchia quarter of central Athens near the Polytechnic, well known for indefatigable resistance to the Colonels. The episode, bloody and violent as it was, seems almost epiphenomenic. It was the fuse that set off a chain explosion and it would be easy, if questionable, to link it up with the violent revolts that have struck European metropolises over the last few years...

16-17 november 2012., 8pm
The distinction between actors and the audience is often unclear with Ontroerend Goed. More than a piece you just watch, the company takes you by the hand for a performance you truly experience. Audience will focus on the audience more than ever.



14-15 december 2012., 8pm

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