Noémi Balázs-Piri

Exit Nijinsky - performance of the Freeszfe Society

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One day, the doctor plants himself in their living room to see whether Nijinsky has gone mad, so Nijinsky goes mad. He gives up ballet forever, starts writing maniacally, takes all-day-long walks in the snow and starts missionary work on the street with a golden cross around his neck.

I am a madman who loves people, I am God, I am a Polish Christian, I am an earthquake, I am Russian, I am not God, I am Napoleon, I am a boring man, I am an artist, I am a neurotic, I am morphine, I am Buddha, I am a madman who can harm people, I am a fool in God, I am not a prodigy, I am industry, I am a stranger, I am free, I am not Nijinsky, I am God.

The script was created by Noémi Balázs-Piri based on the books The Diary of Vaslav Nijinsky and Nijinsky by Romola Nijinsky
Nijinsky / Attila Lestyán
Romola / Patricia Fekete
doctor / Ágoston Kenéz

music / András Fehér and Tamás Józsa
dramaturg / Anna Zilahy
director / Noémi Balázs-Piri

Noémi Balázs-Piri is a student of the fifth-year dramaturgy class of Péter Kárpáti and Ádám Fekete.
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