(H)earring #10

Zsiga Bernáthy x Gábor Karcis x AV Composers- audiovisual live act

Zsiga Bernáthy is not only a DJ, but he is also a music craftsman. LIVE ACT artist. He performs his own music live, using the latest softwares and the oldest machines at the same time (Ableton Live, iPad, iPhone, and the 30-year-old TB303 BassLine, among others). The spontaneous and unrepeatable unity of his performances unfolds from the endless chain of sounds, self-made loops and grooves, pre-lured from “tools”. This was the essence of the project Bernáth/Y & Son’s as well, he made with his father Sándor Bernáthy for almost 20 years, and now he continues solo. His style is electronic, dynamic, psychedelic. A rich blend of techno, trance, progressive house, acid, psy, breakbeat, but no constant recipe or scenario. Gábor Karcis VJ, video designer will be his partner in this online show.

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