(H)earring #05

Legars: Live Act


A mesmerizing carnival of temporary states of mind opens the horizon to Legars’ drive towards musical expression since his debut Paris Périphérique EP was released in 2014. Friction Days LP in 2015 evolved his unique, observant perspective further by combining 4/4 bangers with a singer-songwriter approach.

The intimate musicality and the analytic lyrics result in a peculiar musical arc to the four EP’s coming out later, and his album to be released in 2021 show through a surprising tone the producer’s commitment to sound and expression.

Legars has been known as a house DJ to the Budapest queer community. The weekly series called !Tape in Anker’t club between 2013 and 2017 was a real delicacy, and ever since he’s back from Barcelona, he does his best to appear in the night.

Instagram: legars_sound
Facebook: Legars
Extended DJ Set at Dark Club Budapest

Box Office opening hours:
  • on Mondays: 2pm-6pm
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Trafó Gallery opening hours:
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