e-Audience #21

Rita Gobi Dance Company & Máté Mészáros

1500 HUF
discount price: 1000 HUF
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Rita Gobi Dance Company: Island – dance monologues perfused with light - online version

Somewhere on the border between dance and visual arts, two islands where the sun inevitably sheds its life-giving warmth. These islands are inhabited by lonely beings, locked in their own universe: moving sculptures guarding the ocean shores, drifting towards each other in a restless search and magnetic attraction. The desire to show themselves and to connect is underlaid with a ripple of hiding and fear. The wandering around each other of two beings trapped in an island, the pain of being at the mercy of the laws of physics, the pain of the collision before the merger, is revealed through a stripped down system of movement with geometric precision. Dancing under the sun, where the two halves are sometimes more than a whole.

The online version of the performance uses a virtual camera that moves in sync with the projection. The 3D floor projection sets the Earth and the Water in motion: bulges, rises and falls, slides and the all-drying power of the Sun create the visual world of the performance.

Choreography: Rita Góbi
Dancers: Rita Góbi and Milán Maurer
Visual effects: Gábor Papp, Gáspár Hajdu
Lighting design: Pavla Bernarová (CZ)
Music: Ábris Gryllus
Costume: Dóra Pattanytus
Installation: Medence Group
Dramaturg: Anna Zsigó

Co-production partner: Trafó House of Contemporary Art
Partner: Workshop Foundation

Supported by: Ministry of Human Resources, National Cultural Fund, Workshop Foundation, SÍN Culture Centre, MOHA - Orkesztika Foundation, gaborgobi.com

Máté Mészáros: Through Light - dance film

In his new creation Máté Mészáros continues his research on the body as a dynamic object. The details are once hidden, then revealed by the lights manoeuvred by the four moving bodies in the theatre space of Trafó. Dancers, lit from below and then from the sides create open-ended, timeless situations and the possibility for the spectator to patch these details together into a whole. 

The complex choreography often comprised of small movements, the moving torsos, the skin, the details illuminated by light invite the viewers to observe, to contemplate, to immerse. As if time had stopped for a moment, as if we had entered an exhibition space in which the mode and duration of our contemplation is up to us.

The film is inspired by the choreography of Máté Mészáros to be presented in Trafó in November, directed by Máté Bartha.

THROUGH LIGHT - Film by Bartha Máté and Mészáros Máté
Concept and choreography: Mészáros Máté
Created and performed by: Horváth Nóra, Nagy Emese, Oláh Balázs, Mészáros Máté
Light design: Dézsi Kata, Mészáros Máté
Costume design: Veronika Keresztesová
Composer: Gryllus Ábris
Thanks to: Téri Gáspár, Bakó Tamás
Cameramen: Bartha Máté, Kőrösi Máté
Directed by: Bartha Máté
Producer: SÍN Arts Centre

Coproduction partner: Trafó House of Contemporary Arts
Supported by: National Cultural Fund of Hungary, Ministry of Human Resources
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