MΣO CULPA x Papp Norbert


500 HUF

An illuminated table, a handful of sand, a few very precise gestures and an improvisational sound stream. The rhythms and pictures of TIME-LAPSE sand animation live set’s creators are appearing in front of our eyes as part of an ephemeral story and a spectacular process of fast-moving moments. MΣO CULPA's musical motives, based on ethnotechno, downtempo, tribal, world music and jazz, are contouring the visual shapes of sand compositions, which could be further transformed in our imagination into visual fragments of a subjective myth.

Norbert Papp’s weird visual associations reveal a rare imagination and approach. The main theme of his pictures is the Human. He confidently reveals images built of both mesmerising dreamscapes and moments of pristine lucidity. Hidden meanings and wisdom can be found behind these pieces of art that are much more than the sense of time unmoving. The holistic point of view is in delicate balance with the depiction of the depths of the individual psyche. His art combines the rules and techniques of classical painting with the freedom of ideas and imagination, thus entwining his creations with pathos and the liberty of expression.


With: PAPP Norbert, HEIM Roland
Curator: KOVÁCS Andrea
Co-operation partner: Let it Be! art agency

TIME-LAPSE [CANCELED!] Let It Be! Art Agency

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  • other days: 16h-20h
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  • other days: 16-19h
  • monday: closed
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