Zita Szenteczki - András Juhász - DoN’t Eat Group // Péter Hajnóczy

The Death rode out of Persia

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film, theatre, delirium tremens
The Death rode out of Persia is about the everyday life of a man suffering from alcoholism -facilitates not only the formation of a subjective reading based on emotional impressions, but also provokes the formation of an analytic reading which reflects on the phenomena of addiction and the loss of control.
DoN’t Eat Group experiments with shooting films real-time recognizing the interaction based editing methods of film montage. Their STAFÉTA grant winning performance will be created together with Zita Szenteczki.

Directed by: Zita SZENTECZKI, András JUHÁSZ
With: Péter JANKOVICS, Katalin TAKÁCS, Nóra RAINER-MICSINYEI, Júlia HADI, István DIÁK, Lili RAUBINEK, Viola LÉVAI, Mátyás Péter SZABÓ
Choreography: Júlia HADI
Dramaturg: Bence BÍRÓ
Cameraman: András TÁBOROSI, Bernadette MAYER
Music: Zsolt SŐRÉS
Light design: Tamás BÁNYAI
Set design: István DIÁK
Costume: Luca SZABADOS
Media design: András JUHÁSZ
Video technology: Vivid Illusions
Light: Kata DÉZSI
Production assitant: Anna FAZEKAS 
Creative management: Andrea KOVÁCS / Let it Be! art agency
Special thanks: Lilla MATIS, Ágnes VÉGH, Bernát GARA, István VÁRHEGYI, Géza NAGY
Coproduction partners: FÜGE Produkció, Budapest Városarculati Nonprofit Kft, Budapest Főváros Önkormányzata, NKA

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The Death rode out of Persia Bakelit Multi Art Center
The Death rode out of Persia Budapest Főváros Önkormányzata
The Death rode out of Persia Budapesti Városarculati Nonprofit Kft.
The Death rode out of Persia Staféta program

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