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Nine people living in a flat. However, this is a flat it's summer in one corner, winter in the other, dawn in the third and dusk in the fourth corner. Its inhabitants talk to each other as if they would really be in conversation. They eat, sleep and vacuum next to one another as if they would really be living together – they eye one another as if they would really see each other.
Hungarians. One of them in Dublin, the other in Tokyo, the third in Geneva, followed by Norway, Amsterdam, Mexico and Kőbánya. They are actually chatting with each other, blogging and commenting, but we've cut out the technology from the picture. Music is the substitute for this global, electronic home called Hungari. But not only that. Music is the substitute for colors, smells, proximity, gestures and life itself.

Music: Kákonyi Árpád
Responsible for complining the text from fragments of chats, blogs and discussions::Kárpáti Péter

Herczeg Tamás, Kiss Diána Magdolna, Szilágyi Katalin, Keresztény Tamás, Szabó Zola, Gecse Noémi, Lábodi Ádám, Stork Natasa, Lőrincz Zsuzsa
Musical director: Kákonyi Árpád
Dramaturg: Sebők Bori
Set: Takács Lilla
Choreography: Vadas Zsófia Tamara
Production manager: Várkonyi Tímea
Collaborators: Lőrincz Zsuzsa, Varga Zsófia, Antal Klaudia
Director: Kárpáti Péter
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