Gondolat Generátor, the theatre pedagogy department of Trafó House of Contemporary Arts announces a call for applications called LIVING SPACE / ÉLŐ-TÉR.
What kind of objects are you surrounded by? What has changed in your home environment compared to a year ago? How do your objects feel about this situation, how did their life change? What are they doing, when you can’t see them?
Observe what personal items you have! Which do you use the most? Which are the most practical? Which one is similar to something else? Which one do you not use for its intended purpose?
Submit a video of a scene set on a table, in which your objects are the main performers. They can move in front of the camera, come to life - even the wine opener can rave at a concert, the toaster can get tired, you can film building a house from a used potty, tea can change it’s shape or color, the whole space can change, but you also can show the deepest character of the tools.
Who can apply?
Anyone regardless of age or pre-qualifications

With what?
With a maximum 2 minutes long video made individually or in groups.

Send us an e-mail to with the video (or it’s download link) and use the subject ‘Living space’.

Until the 26th of March. After that a jury consisting of professionals from varying fields will evaluate the artworks.

Because the winning entries will be presented before Trafó's online performances, as well as appearing on Trafó's various channels. The creators will be enriched with Trafó tickets, and the top three will also gain additional experiences!

Announcement of the results will take place on 16th April, 18h.

Márton Ágh - visual, set and costume designer
 Eszter Kálmán - costume and set designer
Csaba Teszárek - puppet actor

Will you be there?

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