Peasants in Atmosphere

6pm - Guided tour by Balázs Prokk (folk dancer, philospoher) and Dominika Trapp

6.40pm - After the guided tour a music performance by the ensemble Peasants in Atmosphere founded by Dominika Trapp can be heard in the gallery. The band operating in a fresh formation performs a new composition based on the themes raised by the exhibition, taking the folk song ‘Blue Flowered Cemetery of Méra’ as a starting point for a new interpretation of the song. The main character of the song expresses her inability to put her feelings into words making this folk song thematically an unusual one, while on the other hand, in the context of the exhibition, where emancipatory intentions or norm-opposing deeds are unfolded by peasant women's stories of fate, it also brings our attention to the inner barriers preventing the individual from stepping out of a certain situation.

Peasants in the Atmosphere ensemble: Áron Porteleki, Márton Bertók, Erika Szurcsik, Lilla Neményi

Concept: Dominika Trapp

The event is free of charge, everyone is welcome!

The guided tour and the concert performance are accompanying events of Dominika Trapp's solo exhibition 'Don't lay him on me...' on view until 8th March 2020.

Supported by: National Cultural Fund of Hungary

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