Somló Dávid - Vass Imre: O O T T H H O O N N

Dávid Somló and Imre Vass return to the format 3 years after their apartment dissection bedroom performance entitled IITTHHONN, continuing the series in the form of a double bill. Speaking of forgetting about the icy conditions that affect theaters, viewers are invited to the warmth of their homes.

Performance dates: 29 January - 3 February 2023. at 7pm and 2 February 2023. at 10 am
Maximum number of the audience: 15. The performance will start promptly, and latecomers will not be admitted. Drinks are available at site for donation.

David Somló: Listening Club - Living Room
David Somló’s series of events explores the boundaries of listening - at this time in his own living room. During this performance a live composition, utilizing simple elements and combining multichannel light and sound, will slowly unfold on the senses, creating an immersive, field recording-inspired environment that will envelop the listener. Thus, Listening Club will transcend the individual nature of those attending to create a collective experience.

Imre Vass: You know what I mean \ apartment / PREMIER
I know that you know that I am aware. We wink at each other, we are masters of reading between the lines. It's hard to surprise us anymore, so we're here without expectations. But we are secretly hoping that something (different) will happen this time! In this movement-based, improvisational dance solo, the continuous alternation of intentions, forms and meanings create waves that sometimes amplify and sometimes cancel each other out. A continuous game with perspectives, readings, expectations, location and situation. The practice of recognizing grandiose nuances and dancing out of context.

About the artists:
David Somló is a Hungarian interdisciplinary artist. In his artistic practice, he is interested in those human interactions that are small but significant, as well as the exploration of audience perception, utilizing both time and performance spaces. He composes situations. His work has been performed at international festivals in Europe and South America, including FIME Sao Paolo (BR), Sonorities (NIR), CROSS Awards (IT), We Are Now (UK), NOW16 (UK), Audiograft (UK), Montag Modus (GER), Let Me In (GER), UH Festival (HU), L1 Dance Festival (HU), and Reality Research Festival (HU).

Imre Vass is a freelancing performing artist and choreographer, based in Budapest. He is interested in creating performative and contemplative situations where both spectators and performers have space to reflect on their actual physical, social and psychological states, roles and positions. His pieces STANDING GROUND (2017), Game Changer (2021) and RELAX (2023) were selected and supported by the Staféta program. His works taking place (2016) was nominated for the best contemporary dance performance of the year (Laban prize). Game Changer (2021) won the Rudolf Laban and the Péter Halász prize which he created with Tamara Zsófia Vadas and Csaba Molnár. With Dávid Somló he created it comes it goes (2013), DROHNENTANZ (2019) and IITTHHOONN (2019) which was nominated for the best experimental theatre piece (Péter Halász prize). Currently he works at his dance studio that he shares with Csaba Molnár and Tamara Zsófia Vadas in Art Quarter Budapest.

Production Partner: Katlan Csoport, Placcc Festival Support: Ministry of Human Capacities, Trafó

Box Office opening hours:
  • Main hall performance days: 5 pm - end of performance + 30 mins, 10 pm max.
  • studio and club performance days: 5 pm - 8:30 pm
  • other days: 5pm - 8 pm, closed on Sunday and Monday.
Trafó Gallery opening hours:
  • Main Hall performance days: 4-10pm.
  • Opening hours: Wednesday - Saturday: 4pm-7pm. Sunday: 10am-2pm.
  • Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.
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